Vellora is a boutique photo and video brand with over 10 years of experience photographing South Asian Weddings. We pride ourselves in our knowledge and expertise, our client exclusivity, and the cinematic approach to our craft.

Vellora is known for redefining the art of visual storytelling within the South Asian wedding community. Felipe and David, the twin brothers and creative minds behind Vellora, create a seamless fusion of timeless photography and cinematic videography, crafting unique narratives that unfold with grace.

We proudly emphasize that our services are carried out exclusively by the brothers. We do not double book events, nor do we send out freelancers to your wedding. This deliberate approach allows us to maintain the highest standards of visual storytelling, ensuring that every project receives the meticulous attention and distinctive touch that have become synonymous with our brand. When you entrust your moments to us, you are engaging not only our expertise but also the unwavering dedication of Felipe and David to represent your story with our vision.

In the realm of South Asian weddings, our distinction is unparalleled. With an intimate familiarity with customs, traditions, and cultural significance, we excel in capturing every nuanced moment. Our sensitivity to emotions and rituals ensures each frame resonates with authenticity. From resplendent colors to heartfelt rituals, we are the premier choice for encapsulating the grandeur of South Asian weddings.

We invite you to embark on this journey with us. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us to discuss how we can collaborate in making your moments truly timeless.